Rated # 1  in head protection among professional bull riders worldwide

You can't put a price on a head!

​​​It's raining cold hard facts!!

Same Tough face guards with a better designed shell for the same price. We don't play hockey anymore!

$555 for black, add $75 for any other color or graphic, + $20 US or $35 ship to Canada


While getting knocked out at a PBR tpd event, and having to go have a visit with the sports medicine doctor, I brought up wearing a helmet and what he thought about the helmets and which one he would recommend?? Without hesitation he said " He had seen less head injuries with guys wearing the Bulltough and 2 tough and that's the one he would recommend" I've always been against 

"Kevlar helmets, not even close to what you pay for!"

Kevlar is a great impact disbursement material for its weight, but what you have behind kevlar makes the difference. A rider wants lightest weight, highest impact absorption material Expanded Poly Propelene (EPP), which is already proven in lab tests with bicycle, racing helmets etc. EPP is just that, lightest weight and it disburses impact before reaching the brain. II Tough offering the worlds most shock absorbing material (EPP) multi impact liner. II Tough shell is designed with newest technology, a 30% lighter weight plastic than Bull Tough best deflection measure.

"II Tough, you get what you pay for."

With kevlar, a bean bag liner for more comfort and less protection. Kevlar helmets also offering the hockey helmet face guards.


The latest deception available can break your nose, jaw, and split your face wide open, breaking your cheek bone in the same accident. How do you call this product protective? This is the intro to the rank masks that are just that. Pretty smelly. The breakage was reality that happened at an open bull riding near Lubbock, TX, this summer. In addition, the eye holes are also large enough to get a horn through. I am sure there are some riders walking around with one eye compliments of the new smell. Protective or deceptive? It is not slander when it is the TRUTH!!  "Movement to save riders from non-performing products. Not just a name - it must PERFORM!!!"  II Tough designed by knowledgeable professional bull riders. It is the common sense head protection.

The next wreck is from the "standardized" bull riding helmets that a national youth association was endorsing. A young gun steer rider rider duped into wearing the false sense of protection was kicked in the back of his head and the hoof planted a hole in the back of his helmet. A steer caved in the back of the standardized bull helmet! These companies are jeopardizing our youth looking for the almighty dollar putting their needs above the safety of our riders.You pay $275 dollars for a $5 helmet and $2 face guard. 

"It not only has to have a name it must perform..."

"The newest trap is the Armour helmets. The 1/8" wire face guards are definitely not designed for riding bulls. A bull could very easily get a horn through the weak face guards. This is the least of flaws. It is designed so that the face guard is connected to the helmet with small clamps. The bottom of the face guard protrudes out for the chin tuck position because it is one size fits all. When a bull gets a horn hooked from underneath. The clamps that connect the face guard to shell will not release, the 4 point chin strap does not release and the first object under the face guard that will break is your neck! Common sense will get you to the next level. II Tough - Enough said... Designed by bull riders for bull riders. "

Fact: Our 3/16" titanium face guards are constructed so a regulation horn tip should not enter the targeted area of protection as other helmets do. Our ll Tough faceguards allow for the very important chin tuck position. Titanium has the best spring back feature, more than any other metal in the world. Austin Meier has told me about cases where he has been jerked down hit the back of bulls head then back in position because of the chin tuck and spring back features, to finish a winning ride.


Why II Tough is the stand out and insight on some criteria for testing. What we need for the safest helmet. All concerns are incorporated features in II Tough bull riding head gear. 

1) A face guard that a regulation horn tip should not fit through without caving and impacting the head.
 We have been told several times by people ordering the real deal II Tough, that their claimed bull riding helmet failed causing hours in reconstructive surgery.
2) Impact tests that prove shell and liner absorb a maximum amount of impact with a minimal amount of concussion.
3) Head gear retention tests (new 4 point chin strap and new front face guard saddle, not straps as our old helmets) to prove face guard and helmet will stay in place while being impacted from front without releasing.
4) Anvil drop test to prove shell will withstand outside factors such as the corner of a chute gate.
5) Dysfunctional helmets claiming to meet the bull riding standard, their faceguards are made with the chin rest built inside the face guard. An impact blow to the face will allow all impact to be absorbed through your bottom jaw causing a concussion or broken jaw. 
6) Look on the inside warning label of the other helmet claiming the National Standard. It says to replace helmet after each impact or something to that affect. This dysfunctional helmet is not a multi impact liner as the II Tough EPP liner ( bicycle helmets are also made with an EPP liner) for several impacts. Our liner is also replaceable after several impacts. The liner velcroes in and is easily replaceable for about $60+ ship. Say a youth bull rider has a head chute impact with a claimed bull riding helmet at a rodeo or just hits the ground hard, the helmet should be replaced according to the mfg warning label. The dysfunctional helmet definitely recommends replacement . Some kids will need at least 5 helmets a year because the dysfunctional claimed bull riding helmet liner is insufficient for multiple blows.

7) No ear covers nadda on the non-functional helmets being mandated by some of our youth associaions.
8) II Tough face guards are designed of 3/16" titanium.

9) Most important temporal brackets that stabilize our face guards are made of stainless steel and placed so that they absorb maximum impact from a blow dispersing force evenly across whole helmet shell. 
10) II Tough face guards have the best spring back, titanium more than any other metal in the world per our welder who worked at NASA in Houston for 15 years. Our welder performed outsourcing work for NASA at his new shop the last couple of years til Obama.

11) Longer ear covers make for optimum ear protection. I have been taking care of my friends which is every bull rider that stepped on the back of the chutes, from calf riders to PBR riders. I  have done good business and served Texas and all over the world my whole career. I set the standard now here we are. This is not my job, it has been my passion!

12) Shatterproof chin strap cup. No more cut chins with the special designed chin cup for II Tough helmet chinstraps. On the other hand we have an unethical bunch from up north jeopardizing our youth life which I have strived so hard to get all these my friends to the PBR level. Pistol Robinson has been a Bull Tough for about 13 years his whole career never rode without his Bull Tough. Mike Lee also. We were fortunate enough to save Mike's life a couple of times. These Bull Tough riders have more than proven the face guards to save life from catastrophic injury. I gave a Bull Tough to as the NHSRA Finals avg winner about 8 years ago. He is another firm believer!

helmets cause it just don't look cowboy to me! After 13 knockouts and missing out on a number of shows I ordered my 2 tough helmet quickly and will be the only way to go!! Manufactured by bull riders for bull riders. Why Buy from some manufacturer company that is just wanting a piece of the money!!!!  Chase Sullivan

The helmets claiming the ASTM bull riding standard do their own testing.

II Tough Helmets Est. 1995