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Safest helmet in bull-riding, hands down. ​Do your research before you bloviate!

"Kevlar was designed for deflection not impact absorption!"
George "Kip" Ablin, Jr., MD

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"Nod your head with the confidence of safety, the difference is real!"

Google "properties of Kevlar." The silent killer, no impact absorbing liner--
ada in Kevlar helmets.  
Impact blows with no serious liner lead to terminal depression!
See our II Tough liner below--surrounds the brain!

II Tough Helmets

More ride-friendly face guards!

Black helmet has 30% more slant

Jaw Guard, $47.50
Allows for chin-tuck position

II TOUGH helmets absorb more impact than any other on the market!

II Tough 2018 PBR World Champion and 2018 PBR Rookie of the Year both utilizing
the safest helmet in an industry our company created!

A Harvard PhD who knows high tech

 Rated # 1  in head protection among professional bull riders worldwide

See our EPP lightest weight most impact absorption liner. 

What criteria should the guns look for in a bull riding helmet?

Our company initiated the first bull riding helmets in the world over 20 years ago. Bull Tough hockey gear with our titanium face guards which lead to the much safer rendition. II Tough Safety Helmets, not the false sense of protection offered by others in the market we created! Do the most important research of your life!

 The II Tough helmets were first designed with safety in mind from Harvard engineer consultants. Other companies give their product away to not so concerned about safety "professional bull riders" that don’t understand helmet technology. They could be endorsing something they don’t understand which could be very dangerous to the health. This is endangering our market (you) with unsafe helmets. Our safety gear was designed by a former intercollegiate professional bull rider understanding helmet safety and intense rehab from a bucking bull hoof to the temple. Please do your research and address the impact absorption issue.

Unsuspecting cowboys, please don’t be swayed with the false sense of protection by others not understanding technology stemming from the lack of bulls ridden. Not one of the other helmets are designed with safety in mind!

Our padding absorbs nearly twice the impact over any other. Notice liner thickness around the brain, a target area of protection. Our lining is unsurpassed by any helmet on the market!

Little over 2lbs for II Tough helmet...You go where your head goes!

1) Need most impact absorption (Impact blows have proven it leads to depression suicide!) Pls Google "Expanded Polypropylene," is II Tough liner surrounding the brain. II Tough fighting against depression!

2) II Tough strongest "proven" titanium face guards available, fused by a NASA certified welder.

3) Lightest weight ( Brazilians on II Tough: "Other x helmets to heavy, can cause neck and shoulder strain".)

4) Best hearing

5) Best visual

These are all II Tough protective helmet features! Available as we speak; there is no other equivalent.

Recommended by physicians; worn by more professional riders world over...